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Llandudno - Marine Drive

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If you are looking for a relaxing vacation away from the rigours of city life, then why not come to Llandudno? This north Wales seaside destination was once described by Queen Elisabeth of Romania as 'a beautiful haven of peace', during her stay at one of the luxurious hotels in Llandudno. This quote was later translated into the Welsh language as 'hardd, hafen, hedd', and became the motto of the town. Popular as a trendy upmarket resort, Llandudno has a range of hotels, apartments and bed and breakfast boutiques, which cater to guests arriving from all over UK and Europe.

One of the major attractions of Llandudno is the Marine Drive, which is a four mile road that passes behind the Great Orme headland. This road offers breathtaking views of the azure Irish Sea, and stretches from Happy Valley to the West Shore beach. While most tourists from hotels in Llandudno prefer to take the vintage coach ride around the Marine Drive because of its sheer comfort, the more adventurous can choose to drive, cycle or even walk.

As the Marine Drive is a toll road, people living at hotels in Llandudno who wish to drive along it would need to pay a charge of £2.50. This fee includes the cost of parking on the summit of the Great Orme, if one wishes to drive up the limestone headland after a trip around the Marine Drive. The first 3.5 miles of the Marine Drive is a one-way road. As there are many blind corners and steep drops along this road, it is advised to exercise a high amount of caution while driving.

Remember to bring along your camera from your hotel in Llandudno, as the Marine Drive offers ample opportunities for photography. There are also many places to park where you could have a picnic with your friends or family. While driving along the road, you will come across the charming castle-like lighthouse, which has now been transformed into a bed and breakfast boutique.

Built in a luxurious Victoria villa, the Space Boutique is one of the premier bed and breakfast boutiques in Llandudno. Our hotel in Llandudno is perfect for those seeking 'Hardd, Hafan, Hedd'. Led by Bobby and Sunita, the staff at our hotel in Llandudno is committed to ensuring a warm and friendly atmosphere for all our guests

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