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Llandudno - A Beautiful Seaside Town In Wales

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Llandudno is a popular beach resort in Wales, with thousands of tourists checking-in to bed and breakfast boutiques, every year. Some things that attract tourists to this beautiful coastal town are its pristine beaches, lush green countryside, and abundant wildlife. The natural beauty of the town and its pollution-free environment are some of the main reasons why many tourists choose Llandudno for their escape from city life. The town residents are aware of this, and make every effort to conserve the natural environment, in and around town.

Over the years, numerous environmental conservation groups have formed in Llandudno, which work together to improve the natural environment. Many of these groups have lobbied to get local industries, including bed and breakfast boutiques and hotels in Llandudno, to adopt eco-friendly appliances and systems. Some have also worked to prevent developers from grabbing countryside land, for constructing malls, buildings or hotels in Llandudno. As a result, many businesses in Llandudno have chosen to formulate eco-policies for use on their premises.

One such business is The Space Boutique B&B. Situated near the West Shore beach, our hotel in Llandudno has always strived to reduce the environmental impact of our premises, which includes a fabulous Indian restaurant. We have installed low energy light bulbs in every room, as well as in the restaurant and other public areas, to reduce energy consumption. Our hotel in Llandudno recycles all paper and glass items, and gives guests the choice to reuse bed sheets, pillow cases and towels, if they so wish.

We turn on the central heating system of our hotel in Llandudno only twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Our staff makes sure that occupied rooms are heated only as and when required. The radiators in each of our eleven rooms are fitted with thermostatic valves to ensure optimum heating levels. In addition, all walls and ceilings are insulated, with external doors and windows being doubly glazed, to guarantee better heat retention, and energy savings.

Furthermore, we are one of the few bed and breakfast boutiques in town that use 'Enjo', the latest eco-friendly, chemical-free, cleaning technology. All toilets have dual flush options, and pump action soaps are provided in all bathrooms. The management of The Space Boutique takes their responsibility to the environment seriously, and has always worked to be greener and friendlier to it.

Space Boutique is one of the leading hotels in Llandudno and can be contacted on 01492 818198.

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