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Llandudno is one of the best beach resorts in northern Wales, with a tourist season that runs all year long. While the majority of tourists check into hotels in Llandudno from March to October, the abundant sunshine has resulted in visitors coming here even in December and January, when winter is at its peak. Well, what attracts tourists to this quiet town alongside the Irish Sea? Maybe it's the charming Victorian architecture, the sweeping promenade, or the towering limestone headlands. Whatever the reason, the bed and breakfast boutiques in Llandudno are always filled with vacationing tourists.

Llandudno has two marvellous beaches of shingle and silver sand. The North Shore beach is located to the north of the town, and faces the sapphire waters of Llandudno Bay. It spans around three miles, and has a promenade with benches along its length, where tourists from bed and breakfast boutiques can sit back and relax. The North Shore beach also offers a range of water sports like surfing, waterskiing and boating. Most of the mainstream hotels in Llandudno are located near this beach.

The other beach in Llandudno is the West Shore beach. Located on the western shore of town, this pristine beach is relatively quiet and secluded, as it is situated away from the crowds of the north shore. It offers breathtaking views of Snowdonia and Anglesey, and is usually preferred by tourists looking for a serene location to sunbathe in privacy. There are fewer bed and breakfast boutiques in this area, one of which is the elegant Space Boutique B&B. Located on Church Walks near the beach, this hotel in Llandudno has eleven chic and contemporary rooms.

The Space Boutique also has a fabulous in-house restaurant named 'The Jaya'. This quality dining restaurant at our hotel in Llandudno offers delicious Indian and East African cuisine, in a posh setting. In fact, the restaurant has received glowing reviews from some of Britain's leading newspapers and publications. This includes The Guardian, The Sunday Mirror, Shropshire Star, Chester Chronical and The Manchester Evening News.

Led by Bobby and Sunita, the team of professionals at The Space Boutique are dedicated to ensuring the highest customer satisfaction to all our guests. Our hotel in Llandudno was recently given a Five Star rating by Visit Wales, the tourism website of the Welsh Government. The Space Boutique has also been bestowed with the Gold Award in Hotel Standards and Environmental Health.

Space Boutique is a leading hotel in Llandudno and can be contacted on 01492 818198

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