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About The Sagar and Aakash - Two Beautiful Rooms Provided by the Space Boutique B and B

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The Space Boutique hotel Wales is a Llandundo luxury hotel that provides accommodation for tourists all over the world. For those tourists looking for a wonderful place of stay at Llandundo, the Space Boutique Bed and Breakfast Llandundo provides the best options, with its wonderful rooms, delicious food items and moreover, reasonable rates. One will be surprised to see the varieties the hotel provides its customers, may it be in the case of the food provided or the rooms provided. With 11 fully furnished rooms that is unique and quite different from each other, the Space Boutique hotel Wales is a complete wonder for all those who arrive here!

One of the most popular rooms in the Space Boutique Bed and Breakfast Llandundo is the Sagar. Each room being named after a special Indian or Hindu belief, the room Sagar has been named after the sea god, as the Hindus call it. The owners of this Llandundo luxury hotel did not just simply come up with this name for the room. Instead, it was a well-planned and carefully taken decision, to call it Sagar, because the room faces the sea! A person taking up accommodation in this room of the Bed and Breakfast Llandundo can get a complete and wonderful view of the whole town of Llandundo and the West shore! A perfect treat for the sea lovers!

Apart from giving a good view of the sea, the management of the Bed and Breakfast Llandundo has also taken care to make sure that every feature and properties inside this room matches with the name of the room. For this purpose, the bed spreads of this room have been chosen to be light blue in color, matching the colors of the sea and along with this, a beautiful design which symbolizes the golden colored sand has also been portrayed in the sheets. Not only the bed spreads and the window curtains, all the other features in this particular room of the Llandundo luxury hotel symbolizes the beauty of the sea, just like its name.

The room named Aakash is not behind the Sagar, in the beauty it provides. Named after the sky (called Aakash in Hindi Language), this room is another of the beauties provided by the Space Boutique hotel, Wales. Now you would be trying to guess the specialty of this room! And definitely, as its name suggests, it is related to the sky, and allows you to watch and count the numerous stars in the sky, through an open roof! Doesn't that sound exciting? Staring into the starry night from the comfort of your room! Another specialty of this room is the step down type bath room it provides. One can go down the steps, and enjoy a peaceful shower in the well-equipped bathroom, which even involves a walk-in type shower! Altogether, both these rooms would be great to have a wonderful night of stay, and at the end of your stay, you would definitely be left longing for more nights at the place!

The Space Boutique is a premier hotels in Llandudno, and can be contacted on 01492 818198. 01492 818198

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